Gabor Amadeus



His musical talent has manifested as early as in his childhood.  Thanks to his parents,  he has got good initiatives and he started his first study in the Pászti Miklós School of Music. He made acquaintance  with several music instruments, but he was particularly interested in guitar playing.  In this period, his teachers were the members of the Bolyki-family, who were famous of the excellent acapella singers ensemble (Bolyki Brothers).  He attended the  musical high-school in the member institution of the Hungarian State Opera-House (Erkel Ferenc high-school), where he was educated by excellent artist-teachers.

As a guitarist, his career started in 1996.  During his study in the high-school, he created a classic guitar album. This work has attracted the attention of Előd Juhász (former producer-presenter of the most popular music popularisation programme of the Hungarian Television), who invited him to play in the Zenebutik (Music Boutique) TV programme, as a newfound  young artist. From this year, the Casus management organization was busy to organise his independent concerts.  In this period, he received several invitations, and, among others he had the opportunity to introduce himself in the Latin festival of the Benczúr-Club at Budapest. In addition to the initial successes, the School of Music at Fót has invited him to lead the guitar discipline of the school, where he  committed himself finally to music education.  In his first studio records, he played an instrument provided for him by a sponsor (Clavier Kft.). Beside the Music Academy, he has participated in guitar master courses at home and abroad to develop his abilities.  The two most famous guitarists were   Al Di Meola and Gábor Kukovecz. The influence of these masters appeared later in the compositions of Gabor Amadeus and all these years of education have contributed to the special sound of the guitarist.

He appeared on stage in several musical genres (religious music, beat, pop) participating in several popular entertainment programmes of several domestic televisions.  (Dáridó, Koóstoló, RTL- Klub, Tv2, ATV,MTV1, etc.).  In his career, the transfer of the knowledge he obtained  was always an important factor.  In 2004,  he opened his private guitar schools in Érd, Biatorbágy and Pécs, where he could give custom made education to his pupils.  In the meanwhile, he was busy to continue his stage career as well.  He had regular invitations to the Benczúr House, where he had the opportunity to appear with his late formation.  In 2005, thanks to the popular morning programme presenters of RTL-Klub,  he gained wider reputation; later on, he was invited, as an individual artist, several times to life shows of this television, where he played with Tibor Tátrai and Antal Gábor Szűcs in the same show.  In this period, he put in operation his studio at Budapest and  his management venture named Goldvoice Studio. This is the place where he creates his own compositions, adaptations and music for commercials.  The music of commercials for the Suzuki motor works  were composed by him in the campaign period of 2005-2006. Some years later, he appeared with a new formation. He has made tours with his musicians abroad as well. Starting in 2013,  he was an active actor in the domestic concert scene. His compositions were completed with excellent clips, as required by the modern times. His guitar records were broadcast by the Jazzy radio and his numbers appear in the programmes of several Internet broadcasters as well.   In 2015, beside giving concerts,  he shoots a concert film  with the  cooperation of  Eszter Horgas flute artist, who, after Al Di Meola, plays the compositions of Gabor Amadeus and Carmen with him.

The composition for the Eurovision festival in 2016  was created in the Goldvoice Studio to be presented by a young musical-actor for the public.